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In this post, Professor Barbara van Schewick discusses the relationship between network neutrality, non-discrimination rules and Quality of Service from her recently published paper, “Network Neutrality and Quality of Service: What a Non-Discrimination Rule Should Look Like.”
Intellectual property (IP) protection, innovation, and entrepreneurship are the focus of a Searle Center conference this Thursday and Friday (June 14-15). Professors Spulber, Kieff, and Ziedonis will participate in the conference sessions.
F. Scott Kieff and Troy A. Paredes' new book, “Perspectives on Commercializing Innovation,” explores the ways varying approaches to intellectual property can positively and negatively impact our economy and society.
Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor participated in the Mobile Privacy Disclosures panel during the FTC’s Advertising & Privacy Disclosures workshop. This post provides key take-aways from the panel discussion.
We sat down with E. Glen Weyl to gain insight into his latest research about the U.S. financial system, and discuss his recent article with co-author Eric Posner, “An FDA for Financial Innovation: Applying the Insurable Interest Doctrine to 21st Century Financial Markets.”
A write-up from last month’s Patent Institutions Summit provides key points from the five panels. The day’s discussions explored opportunities for coordination between the four patent institutions in the U.S.: the Patent & Trademark Office (PTO), the International Trade Commission (ITC), the Federal Circuit, and the district courts.
If you don't make a choice about Do Not Track, your browser will decide for you. If your browser is Firefox and you live in the US, the choice will effectively be to keep tracking turned on. If your browser is Microsoft IE 10, tracking will be turned off. Critics say the choice should be up to users. But in the US a non-choice will be interpreted as choosing to be tracked. While DNT interfaces should facilitate choice, active user participation should not be a requirement for privacy.
Learn about international policy challenges for the growing cloud computing industry. Explore cloud research, and read about the latest business news in cloud computing.
Jacques Cremer of the Toulouse Network for Information Technology recently interviewed Suzanne Scotchmer. They discussed her research on intellectual property and interest in innovation.
Tomorrow, the Federal Trade Commission will host a day-long public workshop to consider the need for new guidance concerning advertising and privacy disclosures in today's online and mobile environments. “In Short – Advertising & Privacy Disclosures in a Digital World” will address disclosure challenges including making clear and conspicuous disclosures in social media and mobile marketing. Professor Lorrie Faith Cranor will participate in the panel on Mobile Privacy Disclosures.
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